Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just a few of my star Spartans!

Saturday was the finale for the 7 week Spartan 300 Challenge. My team of 6 did a great job during the entire challenge and the results say it all.

Mike did I AM CROSSFIT with me in Januaryand he entered this challenge already in GREAT shape. He was strong, lean, and mastering most of CrossFit's basic movements - so what did Mike do?? He signed up for his first triathlon next weekend! Maintained his body weight throughout the challenge but dropped down to 9.9% body fat (down from 24% when he started just 9 months ago). He crushed the final benchmark in 17:39min - a major improvement from his DNF on the first benchmark! Watch out for Mike in the CrossFit Masters competition next year.

I met Connie last September when she joined my CFE Elements crew. BUT the Connie that I coached during Spartan is NOT the same gal I met back then. She has completely transformed her life and her appearance. In fact, I overheard someone bragging about how Connie has the figure of a teenager :) That was right after a bystander stated they hope to do pull-ups like Connie when they were 50ish....their friend quickly chimed in with "I wish I could do pull-ups like that and I'm not even 30".
Needless to say, Connie is an inspiration! She worked religiously to improve her strength over the last 7 weeks. In the end she was a mere 5 pull ups away from finishing the workout on Saturday - a vast improvement from the initial workout. She also added 3.5 lbs of muscle while dropping her body fat from 19% down to 16.5%.

Emily is the kind of person who makes you feel comfortable from the instant you meet! While Emily was a new face to me at the start of the Spartan Challenge she was not new to our CrossFit Central Challenges - her plans to do I AM CROSSFIT fell thru and she was out to redeem herself with Spartan!
Redeem she did....Emily kept an immaculate food log - squeezed in the extra workouts between CrossFit Class and training for a marathon - and kept her life as a self proclaimed resident chef, dog feeder, photographer and wife in tact!
Emily improved her performance in the benchmark workouts - lost 7.4 lbs - dropped 9.5 inches - "after 7 weeks of challenge, I felt good enough to hang out on the boat in my bathing suit."

Thank you all for choosing me to help you thru the Spartan Challenge!

If you're interested in seeing results like this - contact me or come check out CrossFit Central's programs NOW.

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  1. Awesome job to all athletes! I would like to also give a shout out to EMILY!! you go girl, just a year ago you were in the texas crew "fight club" kicking butt but now WOW you are doing amazing! super proud of your determination and hard work! You deserve it!!!