Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Traveling CrossFitter - Nick!

Nick was one of our first clients when we opened the doors of CrossFit Central @ RunTex!
Recently Nick enjoyed a Canadian fishing trip with his family - A far cry from the work trips he is usually telling me about!

Here is a photo of Nick and his dad on his recent family trip to Canada.
He doesn't have the Double C's tee on....or does he??

I had the pleasure of coaching Nick for a few months and I can assure you that this guy is dedicated to his fitness and nutrition! He is currently in both our CrossFit @RunTex and Relentless Bootcamp programs - ALL AT 5:30am!

Thank you, Nick for all your hard work and for being our best walking advertisement! You're friends keep showing up to follow your lead!


  1. Had the pleasure "and pain" to work out with Nick B. all week at Crossfit Arlington Heights.

    I will attest that he was at the 5:30 am class everyday this past week taking it out on the weights and doing the "bacon sizzle" as we call it...see what i mean

    Awesome to meet you Nick and good luck with everything.