Monday, August 16, 2010

Texas Throwdown

Visit for more Videos "Mr. and Mrs. Thiel KILL 9-6-3 DT"

This weekend I traveled to Dallas for the 1st Annual Texas Throwdown. In true CrossFit Central style - we headed north on I-35 with a crew at least 12 deep! Side note: I never traveled in a pack until I met the Thiel/CrossFit Central crew and I LOVE IT.

CrossFit Central and SicFit were well represented with four individual competitors: Jeremy Thiel, Jessica Sharratt, Andy Lewis (yes, we're still claiming you), and myself.
We also had two dominating teams: Travis, JDP, Crystal M, and Lindsey match up with Alex, Robert Brown, Daniel Seeley, Crystal N, and special G7 CrossFit guest Miguel Garza.

This event was a crossfit event like none other....primarly because it was in the middle of the Europa Body Building Expo.
It was a 3 ring circus - in one ring were the strongmen (think lifting cars - tossing logs, etc) in the middle ring was the main event, Body Building at it's best (think orange - ripped, etc) - in the third ring were the crazy crossfitters (think sandbags, yelling, weight vests)!
The Strong - The Tan - and The Loud! WOW - it was a sight.

Thank you, JDP for pushing us all to sign up for this event!
Thank you, Jeff Tucker and crew for hosting the event!
Thank you, Jeremy for letting me beat you by 2 seconds!

On To The Next One!

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  1. daaang...does jt know you just called him out in public?