Saturday, September 4, 2010

Zilker Relays- this is where it all began!

Friday night CrossFit Central brought 3 teams to the best 'underground' race in Austin - The Zikler Relay! I love this race for many reasons - it's only 2.5 miles - it's team effort -it's on Friday night with beer, Tacodeli, and music - but most of all because it's an 'anniversary' event for me!
Two of the best guys in my life - Paul Perrone and of course, Jeremy!

I moved to Austin in May 7 yrs ago - I was waiting tables at North by Northwest and got an invitation to join a team for the relays by the race director, Paul Perrone. I showed up, not knowing a soul - ran with a crew of strangers who instantly became some of my longest standing TX friends! From this race sprouted my job with Fila then Adidas - one of the best friendships I've ever had - and my love for the Austin fitness community.

Web - Showout - Big Mike after the race (team show-flash...minus Jen C)

It's not too early to mark your calendars for next Labor Day weekend - join me at the 2011 Zilker Relays :) I'll be there!

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