Friday, December 10, 2010

What is the method to the maddness?

If you've been to more than one CrossFit Central class (indoor or boot camp), you've probably noticed that we always start with the same warm up. Ever wonder why?
Here is a little bit about the method to our madness!
Why do you warm up:
  • to prepare the muscles for the workout
  • loosen the joints - preventing injury
  • mental preparation - clear your mind and get ready for the task at hand

A warm up should be:

  • short in duration
  • non-stressful physically and mentally
  • include movements that mirror movements of the workout - practice technique

In additional the above, CrossFit warm ups are designed to take your body thru the major movements of that the body naturally recognizes - The 4 Pillars of Human Movement.

  1. Level Changes - ex: squat, lunge
  2. Locomotion - ex: run ladder, high knees/but kick drills
  3. Pushing and Pulling - ex: push ups
  4. Rotation - ex: quarter squat rotations

Your CrossFit Central warm up prepares you for the series of functional movements in the workout and allows you to mentally prepare for the next 60 minutes of class. Not to mention, we are all creatures of habit and starting each class with a routine makes us feel at home - in our comfort zone!

So, next time your coach yells "HIGH KNEES" zone out your day - get in the zone of class and feel assured that you'll be ready for the WOD!

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