Friday, January 28, 2011

Congratulations, Michael! Relentless Bootcamp Success Story

Michael joined Jack and Adam's Relentless Bootcamps 5 months ago in September. He came to us via the urging of his buddy Neil (who's also in our class) and his brother, a nationally known Cardiologist. Michael knew it was time to do something about his fitness.

Michael has been relentless in his attendance and dedication to the program. He attended our Nutrition meeting and took action. He also adopted a few of his favorite bootcamp exercises to take home ie: rabbit hops!

I met with Michael last week and while he knew his clothes were out growing him :) - He didn't know exactly how much weight he'd lost!

In 4 months, Michael's accomplishments include:

  • He lost 15 lbs of total body weight
  • He lost 8% body fat or 20 lbs of pure fat
  • His squat is near perfect and he now owns his very own kettlebell :)

The 'guys' of Jack and Adam's 6am Mon/Wed/Fri bootcamp
BTW: I know that you're reading this...I see the "stats"! Now leave me a comment! What do you think? What do you like? What would you like more of?

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