Monday, January 3, 2011


What is required of YOU for the next 8 weeks:
  • Before body assessments and goal setting meeting Friday, Jan 7th at 7pm
  • Benchmark WOD on Saturday, Jan 8th - you sign up via link sent today
  • Nurtition meeting attendance on Jan 11th - mandatory attendance!
  • Skills workshop on Sat Feb 12th
  • 2 additional team workouts - dates TBD
  • WEEKLY turn in of I AM CROSSFIT workouts (to be emailed to you each Friday)
  • WEEKLY turn in food log review from coach
  • After body assessments and review of goals
  • Benchmark WOD on Sat March 5th

What I commit to you:

  • Help with setting realistic goals and creating steps to get reach them
  • Weekly feedback on food logs and nutrition
  • Weekly email and blog communication with challenges, educational info, motivation, updates on the team's progress
  • My best efforts to keep you on track to make this a challange that changes your life!

I AM CROSSFIT the workout:

3 rounds w/ 10 min time cap

Advanced 135lbs men/95lbs women - Intermediate 95lbs/65lbs - Beginner 65lbs/45lbs

Which level will you be on Saturday, Jan 8th?

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