Saturday, January 15, 2011

I AM CROSSFIT goals 2011

White Sands, NM: camera shot makes it look like I can already walk on my hands:)

My "before" I AM CROSSFIT stats:
149lbs - 14.2% body fat
WOD time: 8:10
Compared to last year.
6lbs heavier but 1.5% leaner and 22 seconds slower

My 2011 I AM CROSSFIT challenge goals:

1) I will walk on my hands before March 5th.
  • I will do 100 wall runs at least 3x a week
  • I will meet with Coach JDP 1x a week
  • I will attempt handstand walks at least 3x a week (7-10 attempts)
2) I will lose the 2% body fat the Holidays 'gave' me! YIKES - who is checking my food log??
  • I will resume pre-holiday menu: no tortilla chips, no sweets, 9 almonds at one sitting
  • I will get the following every day: 14-16 blocks protein, 8-10 blocks carbs, 40-45 blocks fat
  • I will limit alcohol to red wine or vodka 4 servings a month
3) I will finish the I AM CROSSFIT benchmark in under 7:30 with unbroken butterfly pull-ups.

I did the I AM CROSSFIT wod with these goals on Friday and got all 3 rounds done with unbroken butterfly pull-ups!!! Yay- 1/2 the goal done. My time was 8:10.....I will get on the track to work on the run!

I have a great team to support (and supporting me) and together I know these goals will be met!

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