Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week of Weaknesses!

These photos are me doing things I "can't" do....sometimes I need to see them as a reminder :)

Coming out of a month of Holiday workouts (you all know they aren't the same...) and vacation "do what you can" workouts I was psyched to get back to the gym!

The break really made me aware of the difference between working out and training.

I am back to training and I love it. My first week back, I spent focusing on my weaknesses. The only way to breakthrough - to get to the next level - is to work on what you're not good at - work on what scares you - work on what you'd never choose to do!

  • Wednesday I met with Coach JDP and we spent 1 hour upside down - more or less.
  • Thursday Lindsey and Carey and I did 30 minutes of rope climbs b/c who would do that on her own??
  • Saturday we did 2MU, 4HSPU, 10Power Snatch, 1 Butcher - 5 rounds b/c gymnastics scare me and power snatch isn't Carey's best friend.
  • Sunday Jen C. and I threw 400m repeats in our track workout b/c we wanted to only do 200's

We literally had a Rolodex of WODs and chose the ones we wanted to do - then threw them out and worked on the 'suck' - That's how you get better!

Many of you are taking on the I AM CROSSFIT challenge and are handed a handful of WODS to choose from each week.
How do you choose which workout to do? Do you have a coach to help you pick?
Here are my suggestions:
  • Find the WOD that looks like the 'worst' one - DO IT
  • Find the WOD that has a skill that you know you need to practice - DO IT
  • Find the WOD that scares you or that makes you say "I'll never do that" - DO IT

So which I AM CROSSFIT WOD will you choose this week?

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  1. Workout 3! I really really suck at jump rope, so jumps + other skills for time will be a great WOD.