Friday, April 22, 2011

One and done....

I should say 1 MORE and done!

We've got one more workout and about a week before the top 60 South Central men/women are determined (pending site malfunctions....).

I decided with 11.1 that I was NOT going to re-do any of the sectional WODS. I wanted to focus on "game day" - "one shot" performances and while temptation aka: EGO has gotten in my face a few times -- I am sticking to my guns. I am happy with my performances and proud to represent the South Central women with a top 10 standing.
Sectionals 2011 has been an experience. Some loved it - some hated it - everyone learned something.

I look forward to the lights, camera, action and ENERGY that comes with the weekend competitions. I thrive in that environment - 1 day 4 workouts GOOD - 2 days 6 workouts EVEN BETTER!
Train smart - work the weaknesses - find YOUR right mental path - and look forward to moving out of Sectionals 2011. As I've said before.... ON TO THE NEXT ONE!

Who's with me?
What did the 6 week sectional format teach you?

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