Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nails Done, Hair Done....Oh, You Fancy, HUH?

If the blog title doesn't instantly make you think of a song -GET WITH IT!!!!! Just kidding.... Watch and Listen to this before you read the entry! I've had this blog post floating in my head for 6 months -don't ask why it's taken so long to write!

Here goes...

It started when I had a personal training client quit because her financial situation changed and like many of us she had to make budget cuts. Very understandable, BUT when faced with choosing between personal training OR monthly mani/pedi's, hair cuts and color, and waxing - she chose the latter! I was astounded as she was about 50lbs over weight and limited daily by her fitness - or lack there of.

We, as American women, are spenders and we're vain! Got it! But isn't funny (or sad) what we'll choose to spend our hard earned dollars on? And all for the sake of "looking good" - "looking healthy" - "looking thin" !

  • According to a survey conducted by Tresemme, the average woman spends a staggering $50,000 on her hair over her lifetime.
    "Each year, we spend an average of $160 on shampoos and conditioners, $120 for styling products and $520 for haircuts. And for those of us who color our locks, add in another $330 a year."

  • If you get a mani/pedi once a month you average $600 a year. Add another $500 to that if you have acrylic tips!

  • According to the average American woman has an annual clothing budget of $1,729. My opinion is that budget is MUCH higher for most of us....Don't believe me? Go count the LuluLemmon pieces in your closet and multiply by $75 - Now do the same for your shoes! YIKES.

I love being pampered and couldn't agree more that new clothes, a nice hair cut, and polished toes make you feel like a million bucks. BUT HOLD THE PHONE!!!! all of these things are temporary improvements to your appearance and don't do anything for your self-esteem, confidence, or most importantly your health. A fraction of this money spent on fitness (personal training, CrossFit Classes, or a standard gym membership) and the right food could give you all the same fixes but for a lifetime. Consider how EMPOWERED women - YOU would feel if you spent money on yourself via fitness rather than beauty products. I know what's coming next - it's the time issue. "I don't have time to workout" Ok, for the next week calculate how much time you spend changing outfits to find the right one or applying/reapplying make-up to cover your dark circles. Now, what if that time was spent working out - permanently removing dark circles and assuring that every outfit is the right one (because it fits!!).


  1. Booyah!! It's all about priorities. Great post.

  2. So true and so crazy to see the numbers up front! Screw manicures...unless you can do em yourself, they get messed up when you're throwing around heavy weight anyway. ;)

  3. BAM!!!! Great post! Be smart ladies...priority should be health/fitness first and everything else on top is the icing on the cake ;-)

  4. Great post Lisa! As hard as it was I had to up give purchasing new, cute shoes on a weekly basis. (Really) CrossFit has given me so much more! Oh, and those new, cute shoes typically ended being the devil by the end of the night anyway. Ouch! ;)

  5. Hrm. Hair, maybe $100-$200/year. I don't get it cut often, so most of that is the occasional splurge on Redkin shampoo/conditioner.

    Looks like I spend about $600/year on clothing. Honestly, I'd like to get that down more. I buy mostly at Goodwill and Target, but have splurges like Vibrams and Victoria's Secret.

    Meanwhile, I spent over $4000 last year on Crossfit and my other gym membership. Good times! :D

  6. Christine,
    Good choice :) So glad to have you in our community!

  7. I LOVE this! I believe that the base of feeling "pretty" is taking care of your body and staying healthy... without that, I know I don't feel pretty. Great post!