Sunday, May 8, 2011

Youth's Secret Formula, Found in a bottle or in a BOX?

Being a part of CrossFit Central allows me the privilege of seeing people change their life! I knew that was part of the deal - but what I didn't know is that it would allow me to see people GET YOUNGER! We spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on looking younger but the real fountain of youth is fitness and food.
Connie is proof that the fountain of youth is health and fitness. She is an amazing women who has inspired me in more ways than she knows! Take a look at Connie's REVERSE AGING!
She literally glows when you see her now.
Click HERE to check out her Success Story.

Connie before in Sept 2009.

Glowing- right?! Her skin is amazing - water, clean food, self-confidence found through fitness.

"I was invited to a Priscilla Queen of the Desert Pool Party. Everyone dressed up as characters in the movie. I don't feel comfortable wearing a bikini so I wore a little sparkly shift. My family was blown away when I posted that photo on FB. Most of them joined a gym and started exercising. :) " Now that is inspiration!

Read Connie's own words about her transformation.

"I want to support and encourage you to steer women away from cosmetic surgery and superficial ideas of beauty. The nails, pedicures, and facials are nice, but it is good health that really matters and it's worth every penny. There is nothing better that looks better than good health. I've had so many people tell me that I glow or that I have an aura. It's nice to hear but I'm not aware of what they see. My scan from the UT Fit Lab found that I have 86 lbs of muscle, bone density is above average, and I have the desired body composition of a 20 year old on the low end. I'm couldn't be more pleased.
So, many thanks to you and Jeremy, Big Mike, and all the wonderful coaches at CrossFit Central. I am so happy to be part of the community!! Big hugs!!! xxo - c "


  1. Connie is such an inspiration -- one of the main reason I joined CrossFit! Her spirit and strength are amazing motivators!

  2. Very inspirational. Great job Connie!

    Lisa-Don’t mind if I reference ppl to this story:)
    Really, thanks.

  3. GREAT great post! Connie - you look absolutely amazing, so happy for you!!! =)