Sunday, July 10, 2011

The ORIGINAL Strong is Sexy

Many women led the way for what I am able to be a part of today with CrossFit and The CrossFit Games.
Pudgy Stockton is definately one of those women.

Below are a couple excerpts from a NYTimes article. Entire article HERE

"In real life, strength is not a rocket shot or exposure to a wizard or a spider bite: you’re not weak one moment and superheroic the next. It’s a decision you make daily."

"There were strong women before Muscle Beach, pale, leotarded circus and vaudeville performers, stoic as caryatids as they lifted extraordinary weights. Even their names seem carved from stone: Minerva, Vulcana, Sandwina, Athleta. But Pudgy Stockton was something brand-new. Every inch and ounce of her body refuted the common wisdom that training with weights turned women manly and musclebound. She was splendid as a work of art but undoubtedly, thrillingly, flesh, blood, breath. "

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