Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hire-able Offense!

What does it take to make it big?
What does it take to accomplish your dreams?
What does it take to be a part of your dream team?
One characteristic keeps coming up when Jeremy Thiel and Carey Kepler assess the the questions above or more importantly when assessing a possible new employee/coach. What is the "must have" ingredient?

Self Initiative

Readiness and Ability in Leading ACTION

This could arguably be the number 1 factor in being successful. Think about things you've accomplished? What did you do to "get it done"? Think about things you "want/wish" were happening in your life? What ACTION could YOU take to make it happen?

Post answers to comments:

What areas of your life have you shown SELF-INITIATIVE and what happened?


  1. I applied for a head coach position, not even sure I qualified cause I was still in my mentorship, but I wanted it. I worked hard during my mentorship to prove that I was qualified and got it.

  2. Jess -For SURE you are a shining example of PROACTIVE INTIATIVE! Great work.