Sunday, December 11, 2011


This weekend Jeremy, a crew from CrossFit Central, and I made the annual trip to CrossFit Dallas Central for the All Cities Open. I'd been looking forward to this event since registration opened!!
I love the crew from CFDC (I learned this wekeend that's what folks in the "know" call it!) - Jeremy and I both took 1st last year so it's a "special" event for us - and I knew that the competition would push me (Candice Ruiz!!) and the WODS would be unique.
Competition and success is an odd thing - this weekend I walked away with the following observation of my "competitoin evolution"

Eyes of a child (2007-2008):
everything is new - just particpating is the "high" - there are no expectations - everything is a PR - do something you've never done, repeat! - strategy is not a consideration - excitement gets you thru - workouts are as exciting as competitions - win?
This is truly the "ignorance is bliss" phase and has a life span of about 18 months. I didn't know what I was getting into and that wasbetter that way. I didn't know if I could do it and that was exciting!

Hunger to prove (2010-2011)
talent is there and not fully expressed - expectations turn into goals - PRs happen with intention - get better everyday - break records weekly - learn new skills b/c it's possible - workouts are practice and competions are the "high" - competiton is a test that is always aced (learning is as important as performing) - win because you can!
This is the "I think I can, I think I can, Oh SHIT, I CAN!" phase and lasts until you have said amount of success. Enjoy the accomplishments, I know I can and I DID!

Performing for Expectations (2011-ENDED Saturday 12/10/11)
talent is still not fully expressed - expecations are set and demanded - PRs happen but they "should" - get better everyday - learn new skills b/c everyone else had them last year - workouts are practice and competition is the work - win because it's expected!
This is the "no room for celebration" phase and lasts as long as you let it! It's "expected" if you Do and you're damned if you Don't.

ACO was the 2nd competition I've done since The Games and honestly I haven't been sure how I feel about competing. I had let the stessors that make competition great turn from Eustress (good stress, pumps you up, sparks your system for the task at hand) into Distress (bad stress associated with negative demands, energy sucker). All stressors are self inflicted - I know it and that is why I know that I have the power to change my 2012 competion phase!

Another New You (2012.....)
it's a sport...that's ALL...barbells, burpees, atlas stones, rings...a GAME - it's the most rewarding thing ever - talent is not fully expressed and it's time to find out HOW to make it happen - new skills and PRs are sought after and celebrated - it's about what can be done not what should be done.


  1. Great post, Lisa! I like the explanation of the different phases. You are a true champion!

  2. Great post Lisa, love the thoughts you express. Congrats on kicking ass for CC up in Dallyland

  3. aaahhh...the "cans" and "shoulds". If we would/could only strip ourselves of the "shoulds" in life, then the "coulds" would flourish. I'm in that "junk" phase now myself. Thank you for expressing similar feelings, Lisa. Well said. Hope to cross paths soon....cpresent

  4. Well said. I love the picture of seeing things through the eyes of a child....its hard to keep the child like faith that anything is possible - anytime/anywhere. You are a great athlete - period. Be Great.