Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Am CrossFit - Civil War 2012

The is the 4th consecutive year of the I AM CROSSFIT challenge. This year I am not coaching a team - which is bitter sweet for me because I LOVE THIS CHALLENGE! It's the start of a new year - energy is high - excitement is everywhere - Carey's goal setting always ROCKS - the WOD is fun (and short) and I get to witness 100+ people make changes to better his/her life!

The challenge is not just about fitness or losing lbs - it ends up being a catalyst to life changing habits. We have an estimated 95% success rate for this challenge and often the next Success Stories start right here with I AM CrossFit!

This year we've added a new twist to the challenge - calling it the Civil War - and pitting each of our facilities up against one another! Winners will be declared by comparing stats such as - body fat lost - lbs lost - WOD time improved - and participation in weekly food and WOD logging.

My stats at the beginning of this challenge are almost exactly the same as last year. I am not sure how I feel about that but it is what it is and it IS a start to the season of FOCUS - GOALS - SUCCESS! 3.2.1. GO....


Time: 8:08

Weigh: 148

Body Comp: 15%

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