Monday, January 16, 2012

Try Outs aka Test Yourself

In preparation for Sectionals - Regionals - and The Games we've started getting some metrics to determine who/how to put the best CrossFit Central team together.

We had some great WODS - challenging and FUN. Take a look at what we did - try 'em - let me know how it goes!


a) 30 Squat Cleans (135/95lb) then immediately a Butcher Suicide (15m/30m - 180/90lb)

b) Helen


a) Max HSPU strict - rest 2 min -

b) 2 Min AMRAP HSPU anyway

c) Games 2008 WOD 5 rds: 5DL (275/185lb) 10 Burpees


a) 5 min to find Chest to Bar Max Weighted pull up

b) 2 min AMRAP Chest to Bar pull ups

c) Run 5k


a) Max UNBROKEN Double Unders - rest 2 min -

b) 2 Min AMRAP Double Unders

c) 500m Row - 5 Muscle Up + Dip - 5 Front Squats (225/165lb).....400/4/4 - 300/3/3 - 200/2/2 - 100/1/1 12 min cut off!

*don't make the muscle up + dip more complicated than it is - just do a muscle up then a dip while still in the rings then repeat!!!

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