Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Training for a Health/Fitness....not Competition

As short sighted as it may sound, the hardest thing to adjust to immediately is my training schedule/routine. Mentally I know I need to make some adjustments but physically I feel better than I have in weeks and I don't yet have any "feedback" from the baby. I'm over the sickness and not yet to the baby kicks so all decisions are based on mental prep rather than physical feedback.....twilight zone!

I know me and I don't trust myself to scale intensity right now - I might get better at this as time passes - however, right now GO means GO. I know that the 1pm workout with the coaches and other competitors is not the place for me. Not because I can't do the workouts but because I can't keep up....nor do I want to anymore! :)

I thrive with a plan - I like to train with a group - and I can scale loads more confidently than intensity. For these reasons I joined Travis Holley's Strictly Strength class 2x a week - I already knew I loved Travis's program and it's even more refreshing right now!

I will do the Open 12.? WODs in class with Big Mike and look forward to getting back in the pool a couple days a week!

Once again the community of CrossFit has proven to be one of my favorite things! I reached out to a couple other Competitive CrossFit moms (Carey Kepler, Heather Bergeron, Tanya Wagner)for their advice and got a plethora of support - information - and a reality check! I plan to eliminate all inversions (HSwalks, HSPU, skin the cats, even flip turns in the pool) But otherwise carry on until something says STOP - SLOW DOWN - OUCH!

The good thing about not finding out until I was 12 weeks = seemingly short pregnancy. Kiddos for time....3-2-1 Go!

The not so good thing..... = having 2 weeks to adjust and absorb before I was "showing"!


  1. I like that... Kiddos for time. I can really relate to that. It's an amazing time in your life. You're going to be a fantastic, and inspirational mom!

  2. you can work out with this slakee any time. just call!

  3. ps - did you choose that mantra before you knew or afte? Love, your mom (again).

  4. Girl it's like you tapped into what my mind and body with this post! I so feel the same but support i get from the ladies in my class and coaches and reading all about mom's who crossfit etc.. but mainly working out while pregnant is exactly what your title of this post is right now its for health and fitness and its what i remind mylself each time I do my WOD's 3 times a week and this is why i wake up 5:00 am is for overall good health and fitness as well making the best choices when it comes to eating. I laughed at the end of your post that you had 2 weeks to absorb and bam! your showing. OMG in the past two weeks... I have popped out! And when a lady at the store asked me how far along I blanked out and looked at her all confused ... Reality check!! I turned to my husband and asked am I starting to show? He goes kinda, i said KINDA! oh wow that was waking moment and i was like wow I am going to be a mom and i have this lil one on the way I got all teary eyed shook it off and realize how excited and happy this all is. but I am embracing this moment taking it all in and man i know for me the first 8 weeks were hell but after that oh man ramp of energy and pumped but I know I have to remind myself to watch the intensity i sometimes to dont trust myself and its not that i forget that Im pregrant its such im so use to jut going out there giving my all when I train but now differnt mind set Health and Fitness!!
    thanks for positn this