Friday, March 16, 2012

I thought I'd be missing out.....

5:30am at CC ATX in "game day" tees for OPEN 12.4

Since I will be 7 1/2 months pregnant in July training for the Games is just a silly thought - as mentioned before I stopped working out with the coaches/competitors at 1pm and started taking classes. Also, since I wasn't meeting with Coach JDP for my own sessions, I began assisting him at ATX to fill a personnel need (and to fill some newly found time in my schedule).

I thought I'd be "missing out" by changing my work and workout schedules.

Boy, was I WRONG!!

6:15am at CC ATX killin' it on the rowers

Being back in classes, as an assistant coach, with JDP has been more rewarding than I remembered! I love the energy from the athletes. I love seeing how excited these "everyday" (but not at all, ordinary!!) people get just as excited about the WODS as the "obsessed and competitive" coaches or CrossFit junkies! It's also been refreshing to really get to meet a the people who support CrossFit Central as a business and get to know our athletes again. I might also add....I admire these early morning folks! I can get up to work (b/c I have to be there) but getting up for a workout at 5:30?!! DEDICATION!

As for being in classes - I might be in the most "badass" group that Travis Holley coaches in Strictly Strength (just saying). The group is motivated - dedicated - and FIT!
It's been awesome.

What I thought what I'd miss the most was doing the OPEN WODs with the Coaches and Competitors at 1pm on Friday. As the competitors ramp UP for the season, I am calming DOWN in my workouts - so I joined Big Mike's 11:30am class for the OPEN WODs. This was the BEST choice I could have made! The environment of this class is incredible - supportive - competitive - FUN - perfect!

I start this week with a new found appreciation for all the CrossFit Central and CrossFit Central ATX athletes - the expertise that Travis and Mike bring to their classes - and excitement for the final 2012 OPEN workout.

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