Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's the key to a happy pregnancy?

ignore horrible shoulder posture on left :)

I am convinced the answer has to be - CLOTHES THAT FIT!

Week 17 or for those who aren't stuck in weeks like pregnant folk....a little over 4 months - and I finally gave into the fact that I won't be wearing size 6 LuluLemon and my skinny jeans much longer (if at all).

So how can I feel comfy or well, less large...without buying an entirely new maternity wardrobe?

Closet Makeover:

Every season I move "last season's" clothing (ie: sweater, jackets, scarfs) to bins and replace with "this season's" basics (ie: shorts, skirts, tanks). Don't get me wrong - this takes like 10 minutes as I am NOT a fashionista! I decided that I would do the same thing as my belly expands and HIDE anything that is not going to fit this summer. The only thing hanging in my closet are flattering tops, skirts, shorts that were too big, and anything with an elastic waistband! My logic? Out of sight - out of mind - I won't be tempted or depressed by any cute little something that won't suit me right now AND everything I grab will fit!

Get The Basics NOW:

Everyone will have different basics but for me it was a pair of jeans/dressy shorts and of course Lulu shorts (workout gear). Rather than waiting until I desperately needed them aka nothing else fit.... I went and found a pair off super cute below the belly jeans (for $20 at Motherhood)- a pair of white Bermuda shorts. A few folks suggested the Belly Band but to me it was like a hot, awkward contraption that didn't' really keep my pants up the other purchases were well worth it! As for the up sized Lulu - I quietly scoped out gals who I knew lost weight and probably had some old shorts sitting around that were now too big for them but perfect for me. Ok, so you can't be a germaphobe for this one and you should probably wash them in super hot water. It may not be for everyone but for me it was a quick fix to comfort for all my favorite activities (crossfit, yoga, etc etc).

Assess MISSING Necessities:

Now I've got a closet full of "only what works" and something to workout in (Lulu) and a pair of jeans to dress up! What else will make my expanding summer more pleasant? Dresses - camisoles - long tanks! Really the list isn't that long but it gave me peace of mind to have know what will make me happier without spending hours shopping (I am not a shopper). I got an "Easter" dress and decided to wait on tanks/tops until I REALLY need them in a few months.

Adopt The LFS Rule:

At first I was grabbing all the loose fitting, flowy peasant tops in my closet but soon realized those led to two possible responses from people:

1) you look "big" rather than "pregnant"

2) "are you sure you're not having twins"

I quickly learned that following the LFS rule was the way to go.

A little less "Lookin' F'ing Sexy" and more "Long/Fitted/Stretchy". This rule applies to dresses - tanks - tees - etc!

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize:
With limited options (yes, you saw this black tank last Tuesday....) and an out of body experience of expanding - I started digging thru my accessories to spice things up. "Look at my earrings....not my belly" is the approach I am going for! So far it's working - I'll update you in a few months to see if it's still that easy!

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  1. I'm with you. About a month ago I packed up clothes that I would not be wearing for a while... even some of my stretchy yoga/workout stuff because they just don't fit the same. I've gotten away without buying maternity clothes (just two tops I saw that were marked super low) with these few staples I'll share that have worked for me include:
    1) The Lulu Cool Racer back shirt you are wearing in the photo. I have a ton of them and because I have worn yoga clothes for a living, the only things I buy these days must work with jeans/shirts/travel etc. This is my all-time favotire shirt and it will be used once this baby is outside of my body as well :)
    2) Target Mossimo T's--- Under $10. and they follow the LFS rule which I followed pre-baby and since I like to wear my pants/jeans/shirts/shorts low rise anyway, I always aim for a LFS shirt. These are great, inexpensive and again, can and will be worn post birth.
    3) The "something" Threads shirts at Whole Foods. $10. made mostly of organic cotton and are very similiar to the Target ones in fit .... only they aren't AS stretchy but I am still wearing the ones I had before this growing belly took over. Both are V-necks too BTW which I favor personally.
    4) lulu wonder unders ... Just put the front band under the belly and your good to go! Same for the more relaxed but booty flattering Lulu Still Pants. I haven't needed to size up I them due to the way they fit (I actually sized down since I used to wear them more for a baggy fit :)

    Took me some time to work it out but good to go now as it sounds like you are:) Hope to see you soon :)