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Fittest Games 2008 - 1st Annual #tbt

2008 Fittest Games Participants and Judges

I was recently sent a link to the 1st Annual Fittest Games and after some laughing and a little trip down memory lane - I started thinking about each year and how the event has TRANSFORMED over the past 6 years!....not to mention how the transformation of my body - athletic ability - and the sport itself!
Beware - this was before Lulu, Nano/Oly Shoes, "Sports Bra" only rule!
So this is where it all began.....the event and JT and me :)


The 2008 Fittest Games was a 3 part series.   3 weekends - one in Houston and 2 in Austin/Buda - 1 WOD each weekend (wow, how things have changed #lightload).  There was a winner for each WOD and an overall winner.  The overall winner got an expense paid trip to the 2008 CrossFit Games in Cali!! In a sense it was a mini open/regionals in TX.

The first event was in Austin at the original box (next to RedBlack Gym with the Eagle on the front)
WOD 1:   Running Cindy - 5 pull ups - 10 push ups - 15 weighted squats - run 400m
I had just gotten kipping pull ups and was jacked to do sets of  5 unbroken and well my push up was less than par.  I won this WOD and committed to doing the "rest of the Fittest Games" series :) 

WOD 2:  CrossFit Total in Houston with Coach Rippetoe.  I remember sitting with Jeremy asking him how much I should try on each lift - Of course, even then he believed in me more than is "smart" - he gave the confidence needed to act like I knew what I was doing - even though I'd never maxed out on ANYTHING - he also convinced me to try a 200lb back squat (which I failed all 3 times).  
My totals that day:  Back Squat 190lbs (currently 255lbs) - Shoulder Press 82lbs (currently 120lbs) - Deadlift 225lbs (currently 345lbs).
I didn't win this one - Grace from Atomic near Houston took the medal!
Note to self:  Nice shorts! Great form and perfect shoes for heavy days.  Who is that girl?!....Funny - this is what see in my head sometimes.....and what prompted this "Unrecognizable" post in 2011 Open

WOD 3:  Medball sit ups - Swings - Hill Run. 
I can't remember numbers - I just know it was a long metcon out in the country near Buda. CrossFit Central partnered with Dynamax to host this event and the winner got a medball of choice!!

Here I am with a very pregnant Carey, Jeremy, the trophy aka Medball, and my first TICKET to the 2008 CrossFit Games!!! 

Looking thru these pics - some things change and some things stay the same!  The clothes, sport, and my body changed big time - BUT the group pics, community, and passion that Jeremy and crew put into this event were the same in 2008 as they were in 2012........stay tuned for 2009-2012 FG reports.

P.S. clicking thru the photo links is worth your time - you'll see some funny stuff - some familiar faces - a very pregnant Carey - and a lot of history

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