Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Regionals 2013 - LBT #comeback

LBT CrossFit Central: South Central Regionals from CrossFit Central on Vimeo.

I had to hear myself say it to believe it - "I am not coming back - I am back as much as I am gonna be - so LET'S GO!"  And that is exactly what I did this past weekend at the 2013 South Central Regional competition.  I knew I was fit - but I also knew I had only been training since February - a measly 4 months for a "prime time" level competition.  I set my goals high and got ready to step onto the "court" for the first time in a year an a half (Fittest Games, Jan 2012)!!!!

I can truly say I had a blast and have the fire in my belly more now than ever before.  I am 8 months post-partum - 35 yrs old - 3x CrossFit Games veteran - and in many ways just getting started - just now learning who I am as an athlete and a competitor!  This weekend I learned to FIGHT!  I do not think I've ever pushed myself as hard as I did last weekend  - in fact, this may be the first competition that Jeremy didn't say "you didn't look like you were even working"

My ultimate goal was a golden ticket to Cali but I also wanted to 1) do my absolute best  2) inspire just one person to compete or believe in themselves 3) prove to myself that I still "have it" - whatever that means!!
Operation #comeback = SUCCESS!  I finished 12th overall which was enough to keep me in the final heat of women all weekend and I can honestly say I left it all out on the "field".
Now.....get my core back and keep on fighting!  I can't wait to see you all at 2014 South Central Regionals.

Thank you to the behind the scenes crew - Erin Hood & Susan Bender
Thank you to the ladies on in the heat of it all and by my side - Chelsea Ross & Ingrid Kantola
Thank you to everyone who sent an email, FB message, text or sat in the stand to CHEER!
Thank you to the following for all you do.....

The lady who showed me it was possible - Carey Kepler

The man who ALWAYS believed in me - Jeremy Thiel

The coach who got me where I am - Big Mike Gregory

My Prize at the end of it all - Baby J (yep, distorted iPhone pic)

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