Friday, May 10, 2013

Operation #comeback - Week 1

We are ending week 1 of the May, Operation #comeback - Again, this is a 4 week challenge for moms of 4-18 month olds who want to #comeback to felling a bit more like themselves!  It is a 3 part challenge including Fitness/Nutrition modification, Personal goals (ie: accept imperfection, replace negative self talk w/ positive mantra), and 24 Day Advocare Challenge products.

I just wanted to share a few of the comments and successes after just 5 days!

I can see a difference in my body for the first time in 2.5 months (hadn't lost a single pound during that time)!!! I might just cry! YAY! Hope you all are doing well!! :-)

I feel like my internal blah is changing to whoo hoo! I don't know but I'm feeling lighter and good! Don't know why but day 5 seems to brighter than day 3/4 - (ugh I felt like my body is flippin out) Today I notice difference in the mirror in my stomach and I did the happy booty shaken dance lol
Yes, this day is been easier, even my hub told me i look different, I feel great specially because i can see changes on happy and more motivated!! here comes the weekend this also is going to be a little tough!!
I don't know but I am feeling so much lighter in the belly and internally in the gut. I guess it was in need of a scrubbing. Sunday I wore these jean they fitted snug in the belly now today oh they fit so much better I'm not so bloated :)

Feeling really great. Not as hungry as I was monday and I feel like I am getting a better handle on what I need to eat to feel energized and not starving all the time. Oh and I am still sore from Monday but not so much from yesterday!

I wanted to message you to let you know I feel AWESOME!! 5 lbs down and had a great WOD this morning. I'm definitely feeling leaner and more mobile without all the sugar and inflammation. Still struggling to get my lungs back but starting to gain my strength again.

Looking forward to the next 3 weeks and changes that these ladies make! 
Community - Accountability - Intention!

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