Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Infant Swim Self Rescue

Even before Jacob was born, I knew I wanted to get him in the water ASAP!
I had also seen the video below on the CrossFit website and knew Infant Swimming Rescue was the first place we'd start!

Before he could start he had to 1) be 6 months old 2) be able to roll over 3) be able to sit up unassisted.....last month marked all of those milestones and here we go!

How it works in a nutshell  - over a 6 week period your child meets with an certified instructor to learn to Float - Flip - Breath Control - and Eventually do exactly what you see in the video above - Save their own life - if need be!

It's a commitment as the sessions are 10 Min EVERY Monday thru Friday for 6 weeks!  Totally worth it if Jacob can be safe around water.  Peace of mind = Priceless!

The first week is primarily getting them "comfortable" with being on their back.  Here is Jacob doing his best!

Our experience has been great so far - looking forward to posting more progress and eventually a flip and float video :)


  1. floatie toes!! he's gonna be an awesome swimmer!

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