Friday, April 26, 2013

Operation #COMEBACK - Starts May, 5th

"New Mom" Challenge  - Operation #COMEBACK

Are you a new mom (4-18months) still holding onto a little or a lot of "baby fluff"?
Are you ready to have more energy while chasing your kiddo around?
Have you been waiting for a "good time" to get back in shape?
...then, LET'S GO!

2.5 months Before - 5.5 months After

Who: New Moms (4-18 months)
CAN still be nursing!
Do NOT have to live in Austin, TX
Limited to 10 women
Contact me directly to sign up:

What:  4 week challenge to kickstart or ramp up your goal to get rid of the baby fluff!  This is a 4 week all inclusive challenge to help you get back to the "you" you once were!  I have helped women who needed to lose 100lbs and some who needed to lose 10lb - no matter where you are, this challenge will get you RESULTS.

Cost:  $199 (plus $24.99 for shipping if out of town)

Kick Off: Sunday, May 5th

  • Before and After Body Assessments (photos STRONGLY encouraged - not to be used w/out your permission)
  • 3 At Home Workouts each week
  • Weekly recipes and "fun homework" 
  • Advocare - 24 Day Challenge Products
  • Nutrition guidelines and counsel via coach  (me!!)
  • My Fit Foods MVP discount card valid for duration of the program
Competition and Swim Suit Ready at 6 months!

My Results:
3% body fat lost - Size 10 to size 6 - Lost  Total of  9.5"
                                                                  3.5" from Waist
                                                                  4.5" from Hips
                                                                  1.5" from each Thigh

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