Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Angie's Success: Improving endurance sports with CrossFit

Angie "after"- Leaner and Faster thanks to CrossFit!

Austin is an Endurance town - runners, cyclists, triathletes are EVERYWHERE! Every weekend people jump on Town Lake trail - ride loop 360 - or go for a swim in Deep Eddy. If you are on of these people (like I am) you may be wondering why you need CrossFit.
I can't tell you how CrossFit Central's programs will help improve your performance but I can share with you numerous stories like the one below.
Angie Balentine is a long time triathlete (and Jack and Adam's Bicycles employee) who started CrossFit Central's boot camp at Jack and Adam's in June, 2009. In just two months, Angie dropped an amazing 6.5 inches, lost around 2% body fat, and almost doubled her power output! She is leaner, stronger, and faster all because of her dedication to the boot camp workouts!
How did you feel about your fitness level before starting CrossFit boot camp? I felt fit but I felt like I "lacked luster" if that makes sense. Since having a child and taking on a full time job my time has been limited and thus training sometimes limited. So I felt fit to a point but as a result my confidence suffered.
How do you feel about your fitness level now? Confident! I feel like the dynamic aspect of Crossfit Central was just what I needed to take my fitness to the next level without taking hours out of my weekly schedule and giving me a new found level of power across all the sports that I do (swim,bike run). The best thing about it was that I was doing weights in the gym, roughly 2 hours a week assuming I didn't cut stuff out (yes that did happen sometimes on my own) and I am still allotting the same amount of time towards strength training but I am getting so much more out of the time.
Why did you join the class? Since I started competing in triathlon and running I have been plagued with injuries. Despite that, my strength routine would be the first to go if I got pressed for time...after all it was a supplement to the other sports plus I didn't like it all that much. So after many years of injuries I learned from a physical therapy center in Phoenix that the only way to keep me in sports is through strength training. I was getting bored with my gym routine and as a result the dynamic aspect was diminishing. As my weight routine was getting boring I noticed CrossFit Central at Rogue and it got me curious...once it came to Jack & Adam's it was a no brainer.
What changes have you seen since joining CrossFit Central? '
Training: my running form has improved significantly (Rogue Coach, Steve Sisson’s observation), hill running is easier, I am swimming less but it doesn't feel like it. The next swim workout feels like I picked up from the day before and I feel stronger with open water swimming. Same goes for the bike...with my marathon focus right now I am riding 1-2 per week...when I hop on my road bike I still feel like I have my cycling legs.
Physical appearance: that has been the most fun as far as changes go. I have not lost any lbs so to speak but I have people asking me if I have and that I look fitter. The craziest thing is that I haven't lost weight but I feel leaner and more confident about my appearance. Another physical difference is my calves are almost 100% symmetrical...previously I had a calf difference of about 1 inch. I know it sounds weird to track that but that was an indicator that my running form was inefficient and that I was relying heavily on the left side which can ultimately lead to more injuries!
What other aspects of your life has CrossFit affected? More confidence across the board.
Angie Balentine
Jack & Adam's Bicycles

Why will you join CrossFit Central's programs?
  • Improve speed and power?
  • Decrease injury?
  • Drop body fat and change your appearance?
  • Learn to become a more efficient runner with CFE Elements?
I am looking for the next success story - is it YOU?
Angie as a runner BEFORE CrossFit.

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