Monday, November 23, 2009

Come back and visit us, Kelley!

Last week was Kelley's last day at my Jack and Adam's boot camp so we planned a special 'good-bye' workout for her!
As luck would have it, Kelley was in bed with a fever on her 'last day' but the Tue/Thur crew decided to do the workout in her honor.
So what was the WOD?

AMRAP in 10 min
19 ball slams
19 push press
6 lunges
6 broad jumps
1 lap around the building
Angie and Steve on ball slams
Meetesh is knocking out those push press
Emily on Sumo Deadlift Highpull

My favorite - Neil showing his "love" for broad jumps!

Why this WOD?
10 min - for the "perfect 10" that she is in her little black dress
19 reps of things she LIKES - for her bday, June 19th
6 lunges for June and lunges b/c she hates them!
6 broad jumps for the 6 months she's been in my class
Thanks to everyone in the Jack and Adam's Tu/Th class for the action shots!
December programs just started and we still need YOU to fill Kelley's shoes! Join a Relentless boot camp today!

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  1. that sounds like a tough workout. but then again we would expect nothingless from lisa.