Monday, February 7, 2011

Carolina Girls....Best in the World!

Left: Amanda, Jen, Fanny, Amy and a few of the S.C. crew!

Ok, so maybe we weren't in a Carolina - we were in Woodstock, GA - and maybe not everyone was from N.C./S.C. - lots of GA, VA, TN and FL gals - BUT close enough right?

For this Western N.C. native, the Garage Games in GA were a breath of fresh air - A nostalgic weekend of REAL Southern accents, tall trees, hills, lakes, big leaves on the ground, and not surprisingly some of the most welcoming CrossFit Gals (and guys) I've met!

I didn't know what I was in for when I agreed to go with Jeremy and the SICFIT crew to the 2nd Annual Garage Games. It was probably best....6 individual competitor WODS, wintery COLD, wind, wet, mud.... None of which I was prepared for - shame on me for not visiting or checking out the competition website.

My husband and coach for the weekend!

It turned out to be a great experience in none of the ways I expected! I realized how 'at home' I am in the backdrop of a YMCA camp on a lake - lots of hills - lots of trees - lots of mud - lots of leaves. Who knew I missed the leaves that cover the ground so much. Weird huh?!

I could bore you with details of the workouts but the most important thing that came out of this weekend was the connection to the East Coast CrossFit Community! I've said before that the best thing about competition is getting to see the CrossFit Community outside of our box. Whether the event is in CA - TX - or GA the community is tight knit, welcoming and supportive.

Without friendship and community we're just a bunch of crazies throwing barbells in a horse manure ring! Yes, that was one of the WODS this weekend....

Thanks to all the Southern Gals who made this weekend FUN!

I can't wait to compete with you again
. Rx Women RESULTS and SICFIT Video's

Left: Jessica from VA Beach - who saved me by letting me use her cabin for a much needed shower!
Right: Kyri aka "K" who welcomed me from the 1st WOD and truly made the weekend awesome!
Not Pictured: Marty Raines who made me fight up thru the end of WOD 6! Thank you.

Highlights from the weekend:
  • "yeah, boy" as the most popular motivational yell!
  • Timberland boots and lots of Camo
  • trees, trees, trees, and leaves!
  • Southern Accents
  • Publix
  • Barbell Manure toss....almost as good as Cow Tippin'

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