Sunday, February 10, 2013

Couples Therapy

Ingrid & Winchester, Karen & Jess, Brittany & Jeff, Lisa & Jeremy - Baby J & Big Mike

Saturday part of the CrossFit Central crew traveled north (aka up I-35 about 10 miles...) to CrossFit Round Rock for the 1st Annual Couples Therapy Competition.

I was looking forward to it for a few reasons

1:  it was my 1st competition post Jacob
I've now watched Regional 2012 - The Games 2012 - ACO 2012 - The Fittest Games 2013etc etc - and I was ready to get back in the mix at any level!  I have to admit, I was nervous - nothing other than my ego on the line but in many ways I feel like I am a newbie again.  TANGENT: last year's mantra was "with childlike spirit" - guess I got that on a few levels - I literally have a child! and I get to look at and approach the sport as if it's all new - (like a child would) Anyway, Saturday went well and was a great way to clean out the cobwebs.  It's interesting because I have nothing to compare the #comeback / my performance to except what I was.....and I am certainly not "that" right now.  I've been back in CrossFit for 5 weeks (reminder to myself!!) - I am happy with the progress, glad to be back in competitions, and looking forward to the exponential gains in confidence and performance during The 2013 Open.

#newbie - do I swing the 70lb bell? YES but I wasn't sure....and 95lb snatch looking like a #firsttimer

2: it was the 1st time Jeremy and I have ever competed together
What???? you may say! - but it's true - we've never competed TOGETHER.  Don't get this confused with both being in a competition at the same time or one of us watching the other compete.  We've done that a few times BUT this was the first time we were in it as a team.  AND IT WAS FUN!! In fact, Saturday was one of the most fun days we've had together - start to finish! 
Someone said to me Saturday (paraphrasing.....givin' you the gist...)  that we were a entertaining couple to watch because we're polar opposites!  I am calm - cool - collected and focused.  I often get "you didn't even look like you were working" - While Jeremy is CRAZY - INTENSE - LOUD - think controlled Bull in a China Shop!   That may work for us individually but together it sometimes means - My calm pulls him down aka sub par performance and his INTENSE spins me out of control aka sub par performance! 
Saturday was the first time the combo was on the same team and it seemed to work well! He was the INTENSE work horse I needed and well, I stayed calm enough to hold my own when needed! 

Jeremy's intensity (yell) got me to snatch that blasted sandbag "again&again" - Kbell pic just shows that #intense #crazy competition JT!

3: I/we love Adrian and Landon and the CFRR folks
Who doesn't like to see good people succeed?  Adrian and Landon have put in the work to build a great gym and fantastic community!  We've known them for years both personally and professionally and we're glad they hosted us!  The community at CFRR was welcoming and supportive to our crew and everyone who traveled from Houston - San Antonio - etc to compete.   I know Jeremy and I enjoyed being at an event at another box and Ingrid and Winchester enjoyed NOT being in charge!  Bonus - The Event Time - the 10am-2pm time frame was perfect!

Our co-ed teams took 1-2-3 in the competition.  Brittany & Jeff and Jeremy & I both got one 1st place and two 2nd place finishes.  Ingrid & Mike got a one 1st and two 3rd place finishes.  Final score: 1st Brittany & Jeff, 2nd Jeremy & Lisa, 3rd Ingrid & Mike.....score system TBD this week :)
Karen & Jess took home 1st in the Female division!

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